Cryptocurrency strikes again! Bitcoin has been making headlines for being the means for real estate purchases across the country. This time cryptocurrency dipped into the local housing market in the sale of a home in Tukwila.

A creative buyer decided to invest in cryptocurrency and cash out to purchase a home. So, we keep hearing about these sales – but what is cryptocurrency? In the article about the sale in Tukwila, Seattle Times describes them as, “digital funds that fluctuate in value daily, and are produced in limited numbers using software, without involvement of a bank, government or central authority.” When cryptocurrencies are used for purchasing goods they are often cashed in, just like stocks, so that the seller can receive the payment in whichever form they prefer.

Many millennials and tech lovers alike are finding themselves investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Auger, and more just like they would invest in the stock market. Combining these fluctuating currencies such a significant purchase means that it is important to be well versed about cryptocurrency before considering a sale that includes one.

CNBC has several simple tips if you are considering making a big purchase, beginning with research. This tip is relevant to purchasing a home in general and is always a good thing to do before making big life decisions. Other tips include hiring an expert, learning and keeping up to date. For the full list of things to do before making a real estate transaction in cryptocurrency, click here.

Want to know more about the local sale in Bitcoin? Read the full article from Seattle Times.