The changing of the seasons marks the time of year for home maintenance. Whether you’re preparing to sell or just want to take care of your beloved home, this checklist will help ensure your home stays in tip top shape through the upcoming cold, rainy season.

 1. Gutters

In the rainy city gutters are put to the test during the cooler months of the year. We are surrounded by beautiful trees, but they are also cause for pine needles, leaves, twigs and more. Clear the gunk and make sure that the drizzly season ahead won’t overload your existing gutters (hint: sagging may be a sign of overwhelmed gutters). While you’re cleaning your gutters, you can get a head start on the next tip, by checking for anything gritty or sandy. If you find anything reminiscent of sand, it is likely from your roof and a sign that your shingles have seen better days.

2. Roof

Regardless of whether you find sand-like gunk in your gutters, you will want to take a quick peek at your roof. No, you don’t have to get on the roof to do this. If you live in a large or particularly tall home grab some binoculars to get a better look from the ground. Keep an eye out for buckled, cracked or missing shingles, which can easily be replaced. If you see big sagging spots or black algae stains with moss, you may want to ask a pro for advice. 

3. Drain Faucets


If you have a sprinkler system, you’ll want to drain that too. Remove any hoses connected to water spouts and drain them to make sure they won’t deteriorate in winter’s freezing temperatures. When hoses are left full and hooked up to faucets, you are more likely to have freezing pipes (let’s face it – nobody wants to deal with this).

4. Seal Air Leaks

A simple walk around your home can save hundreds in heating bills through winter. Grab some color-matched caulk and seal cracks between trim and siding, around windows and check that any other holes (i.e. where pipes or wires enter the home) are tightly sealed. Next, check to see that windows and doors tightly seal. If there are gaps some weather-stripping will do the job. 

5. Service Your Furnace

Now that you’ve checked to make sure cold air can’t get in, you’ll want to see that your furnace is doing a good job. A simple check-up costs $50-$100 and is well worth it to make sure your furnace is running efficiently. Some companies even offer a discount if you agree to an annual preventative visit.


There are many things that you can do to help ensure your home is being taken care of, and a seasonal check-up is often the easiest way to make sure you’re doing just that. If you’d like to see more tips and tricks, visit House Logic or House Beautiful.